HOW CAN WE BOOK YOU FOR OUR WEDDING?2024-04-19T10:32:31+00:00

I want to offer my couples the highest quality service possible. For this reason, I only attend a limited number of weddings per year. Therefore, sending me your appointment request 12-16 months before your wedding is best.

As soon as I have received your signed contract and the £150.00 deposit for your wedding.

Your desired date will be firmly reserved for you.

ARE YOU AVAILABLE FOR TRAVEL?2024-04-19T10:33:16+00:00

I come from Essex, traveling is one my passions, so more than happy to travel.

WHAT ARE YOUR TRAVEL COSTS?2024-04-19T10:33:45+00:00

My travel expenses vary depending upon different locations. The cost of traveling to and from the destination as well as possible accommodation and meals is very individual. If you are traveling for your marriage, you can always discuss your ideas and requirements with me. I will be happy to create a customised package specially tailored to fit your needs.

DO WE NEED A SECOND SHOOTER?2024-04-19T10:34:15+00:00

I recommend that you also opt for a second shooter if 100+ guests are attending your wedding day. This is the best way if you don’t want to miss out on any candid moments or special details.

When so many guests are accompanying you at a wedding party, it becomes easy to capture all the beautiful moments with the help of a professional second photographer. For example, when we are doing bridal morning preparations the second shooter can do morning preparation with the groom, or when we are off capturing stunning bridal portraits, the second shooter can take candid pictures of your guests!


This is the most asked question and I completely understand the concern of couples. The only thing that is out of their hands during the planning process is the weather. But is this something to be worried about? Absolutely not! Together with you and your wedding planner, we always look out for aesthetic backup locations in case it starts raining on the big day.

From my experience, I know that on the day of the wedding, almost everything can be adapted to a new situation. Having a backup plan helps a lot too. In essence, a few grey clouds after a rain shower can conjure up a very romantic and magical mood. In addition, having a post-wedding photo session also offers us a great opportunity to capture pictures according to your dream wedding aesthetics.

HOW MANY IMAGES DO I RECEIVE2024-05-02T08:37:30+00:00

Around 500/800 depending on the length of you wedding day coverage,number of guests and the length of allowed photography time.

WHAT IF YOU ILL OR INJURED2024-05-02T08:37:12+00:00

In the extreme case I can not cover your wedding.

I have a Second shooter to call on.

I know a net work of studios with qualified staff.

A network of photographer friends and colleagues.

And I’m a member of the photography emergency group,that has been set up to assist photographers in an emergency.

So rest assured we could in an extreme situation we could find you a suitable replacement.

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